Why "Things Are Fine" Counseling? 

Do you ever catch yourself repeatedly telling yourself, "Things are fine, things are fine" and knowing that things are certainly and most definitely NOT fine? I've been there, and it's a big mood for sure. My hope is that this name resonates and creates a space for those who have been trying to hold it all together and are ready for additional support, healing, and tools. 

Do you offer in-person appointments? What about telehealth appointments?

How do I prepare for a telehealth appointment

Here are some things I recommend doing prior to meeting:
- Find a quiet, private place for your session
- Get your device set-up (including chargers nearby)
- Face a light source (a window, lamp, ring light)
- Put your notifications on do not disturb/silent
- Get comfy: use the restroom, put on your cozy clothes, grab a snack, and feel free to bring a furry friend!